Universidad de Carlos III de Madrid


2019 - 2021


Evi Pappa is a Full Professor of Macroeconomics at UC3M since September 2018. Her previous appointments include the European University Institute (2011-2018), Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (2005-2011), Bocconi University (2004-2005) and London School of Economics (2001-2006). Her main research interests are: Open Economy Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, and Fiscal Policy. She is a Research Affiliate of the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) and a member of the Euro Area Business Cycle Dating Committee and the Bernacer Award Committee. She is Associate editor of the Economic Journal, the BE Journal of Macroeconomics, and the Spanish Economic Review and has been research visitors in numerous central banks around the world.

Three selected publications:

  • Pappa, Evi, N. Ben Zeev, and A. Vicondoa (2017). "Emerging economies business cycles: The role of commodity terms of trade news" Journal of International Economics, 108, 368-376.
  • Pappa, Evi, Andresa Lagerborg and Morten Ravn (2019). “Does Economic Insecurity Really Impact on Gun Violence at US Schools?”. Nature Human Behaviour.
  • Pappa, Evi, J. J. Dolado and G. Motyovszki “The cyclical effects of monetary policy on inequality under capital-skill complementarity”. Online Appendix, forthcoming AEJ:Macro.