Pre-production Papers

The following papers, listed alphabetically by the first author's last name, have been accepted for publication in JEEA, and can be downloaded in in the EEA membership log in area. 

7 January 2021

Place-based Interventions at Scale: The Direct and Spillover Effects of Policing and City Services on Crime

Christopher Blattman, Donald Green, Daniel Ortega, Santiago Tobon

In 2016 the city of Bogotá doubled police patrols and intensified city services on high-crime streets. They did so based on a criminological consensus that such place-based programs not only decrease crime, but also have beneficial spillovers for nearby streets. To test this, we worked with Bogotá to experiment on an unprecedented scale.

26 February 2021

Using Payroll Tax Variation to Unpack the Black Box of Firm-Level Production

Youssef Benzarti, Jarkko Harju

This paper uses quasi-experimental variation in payroll tax rates in Finland to investigate how firms use their input factors. We find that higher payroll tax rates lead to large employment responses and have no effects on employee-level earnings.