Goethe University, Frankfurt


2016 – 2018; 2019 - 2021


Guido Friebel is Professor for Human Resource Management at Goethe University in Frankfurt. He received his Ph.D. from Université Libre de Bruxelles in 1996, and then held positions at the Stockholm School of Economics, and the Toulouse School of Economics. Since 2008, he is at Goethe University. He is also a fellow of CEPR and IZA, and Vice President of the Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics. In his theoretical research, he has focused on incentives, communication structures and careers. His empirical research, often based on RCTs with firms, looks at the effect of HR management practices on firm performance and worker welfare. He also works on gender inequality in careers, in particular in economics, and in knowledge work. Recent papers have been published among in American Economic Review, American Economic Journal: Micro; Organization Science, Journal of Public Economics. He is Co-Managing Editor of the Economics of Transition and Institutional Change. 

Three selected publications:

  • Parental leave—A policy evaluation of the Swedish “Daddy-Month” reform (co-authors John Ekberg and  Rickard Eriksson), Journal of Public Economics 97: 131-143.
  • Team incentives and performance: Evidence from a retail chain (co-authors Matthias Heinz, Miriam Krueger, and Nikolay Zubanov), American Economic Review 107, no. 8: 2168-2203.
  • Resource allocation and organizational form (co-author Michael Raith),  American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 2.2: 1-33.