Birgit Grodal Award - Selection Process

Selection Process

The selection committee, who is invited by the EEA President (in the case that the President is not eligible for the Award), is composed of five members, asks all EEA members for nominations. The EEA President considers gender, geography and field when inviting the selection committee members. Selection committee members sit for a maximum of 2 award terms.

The Committee then discusses the nominations put forward by EEA members and makes a shortlist.

In Spring of each year in which the award is given, the Committee proposes one candidate for the award to the EEA Executive Committee. The selection committee also informs the EEA Executive Committee of how the decision was reached, the motivation for the nominated candidates, as well as a list of any other candidates that were considered during the last stages of the process as potential winners of the award.

The EEA Executive Committee then endorses the proposal of award winner. If for some reason the proposed winner is not endorsed, the EEA Executive Committee asks the selection committee to reconsider its proposal.

The winner is announced immediately after the endorsement. The announcement is posted on EEA website.