Become a Member of EEA

Being a member of the EEA can be an important part of your success. EEA members gain online access and submit to JEEA, find job openings, and take part in the annual congress and job market and other events that the EEA is involved in organising.

Specifically, members:

  • can access the Journal of the European Economic Association (JEEA) online issues
  • can submit papers and re-submit revised papers to JEEA
  • can submit one paper to the EEA annual Congress and other EEA events
  • can participate in the EEA annual Congress and other EEA events at reduced rates
  • elect the Executive Committee officers and Council members
  • make nominations for EEA awards
  • receive alerts about calls for papers, conferences and summer schools
  • can benefit from a 30% reduction on a wide range of titles at OUP. For further details please click here to discover more and contact for the promotional discount code for EEA members to be used when ordering

Reduced Membership categories

STUDENT: A student is defined by the EEA as somebody registered in an academic programme at the time of registration. Students must send a link to webpage or letter from their university (in pdf format) to on the day of EEA membership registration or renewal for the membership to be validated.

LOW-MIDDLE / UPPER-MIDDLE INCOME COUNTRIES and LOW-INCOME COUNTRIES: A reduced membership fee is offered to regular members who work in low-middle income and upper-middle income countries. The fee is €28. All members from low-income countries can benefit from waived membership fees for a 12-month period. The definition of low and middle-income countries is based on the official list prepared by the World Bank. To apply for this, please contact


  • 12 months – €83
  • 3 Years - €231
  • 5 Years - €385
  • 12 Months (student) - €22
  • VAT at 21% will be applied on fees for all private individuals (from bank accounts in the name of private persons)
  • If payment is through a bank account of a registered company / institution with a valid EU VAT number, the EU reverse charge mechanism will be applied.
  • For payments received from bank accounts of all businesses / institutions outside the EU, VAT is not applied.

All EEA memberships run from the date of payment of fees.

To proceed with becoming a member of the EEA, click here