Delivering Interactive Sessions

Delivering interactive sessions: This section is a resource for teaching faculty, guiding them on delivering sessions where students are engaged. Click here to take a look at multiple innovative methods- like teaching via roleplays, simulators, and even games. 

How to Engage Students and Get them to Collaborate

Jackson Best, Strategies to Captivate a Classroom

Good 20 strategies on how to captivate a classroom. 

Case Study - Wikis as a Platform for Student Collaboration in Economics

Case Study - Promoting Students Engagement and Interaction in Maths and Stats

Case Study - Using Moodle to Engage Students Better

Case Study - Engaging Students on an Online Economics Community

This case study has some good ideas on how to motivate and get students engaged in an online setting.

How to Teach with Simulators

The Economics Network (2016), A Simulator for Teaching Macroeconomics at Undergraduate Level

This article presents how Aleks Angelov and Aleksandar Vasilev used the Keynesian Macroeconomic Simulator of Fiscal Policy in their teaching at  the American University in Bulgaria. The article describes the development and use of the simulator, as well as the motivation behind it.

How to Teach with Other Interactive Methods

The Economics Network (2020), History of Economic Thought during the Pandemic: Use of Plays to Engage Students

This article presents how Ricardo Soliani used plays and scenarios to teach History of Economic Thought at the University of Genoa. The article describes both the implementation and the beneficial outcomes of this interactive method.