Effective Assessment

This section consists of various resources providing support to the teaching staff on devising assessments in both: virtual and physical settings. Click here for more advice on preparing quizzes, take home assignments, or timed exams. 

Online Assessments

Evidence of Innovative Assessment: Literature Review and Case Studies

This report by the European Commission presents the outcomes and analyses of the study Evidence of Innovative Assessment. It provides an overview of innovative (digital and non-digital) assessment approaches and evidence on how these have been implemented to various settings. Some of the assessment techniques here include 'Peer Assessment', 'Digital Badges', and 'Simulations'. 

Designing Effective Online Assessment

Tisha L. N. Emerson and Kimberly D. MenckenHomework: To Require or Not? Online Graded Homework and Student Achievement

Authors of this report use a a quasi‐experimental approach to investigate the effect that online graded homework has on student achievement. They find that those students who are assigned required homework through an automated homework system experienced significantly higher achievement as measured by performance on a common portion of the final exam and their course letter grade
than those in the control group.

International Perspective on Designing Effective Online Assessments (report from National University of Singapore)

This paper reviews literature and gives global examples of ways in which examinations could be adapted in a virtual setting. It provides the reader with precise overviews of different assessment types along with its advantages and disadvantages.

An Assessment of the Impact of Online Quizzes and Textbook Resources on Students’ Learning

This paper compares the effectiveness of online and paper-based assignments and tutorials using summative assessment results. The authors examined whether a student's performance on a particular section of the exam was affected (a) by how s/he performed on the corresponding assignment and (b) by whether the student completed the corresponding assignment on paper or online. Their results suggest that the paper assignments were generally more effective than online assignments in preparing students to answer exam questions.

Group Assessments

Groupwork and Assessment: Guide by Economics Network

This article includes information aimed at helping lecturers prepare and use student handouts. It describes various effective handouts and provides a checklist to make handouts more effective.

Grading and Feedback