Strategy Committee

The role of the Strategy Committee, set up in 2023,  is to lead the EEA in thinking through new initiatives and funding with a long-term view, with a potentially major impact on the EEA community.

Committee members sit for a term of 3 years, renewable for additional 2 if the members wish. Every year, the committee will be chaired by the EEA President.

The 2024 - 2026 Committee is composed of:

Jan Eeckhout

Institution: UPF, Barcelona

Rachel Griffith

Institution: University of Manchester & IFS

Tymofiy Mylovanov

Institution: Kviv School of Economics & Uni Pitts

Dina Pomeranz

Institution: University of Zurich

Imran Rasul

Institution: University College London & IFS

Hélène Rey

Institution: London Business School

Jan Švejnar

Institution: Columbia University and CERGE-EI

Bertil Tungodden

Institution: Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

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