New Awards for Education

EEA is pleased to announce that, through its Education Committee, it institutes a number of prizes to those academic economists who have made a significant contribution to spreading knowledge on economics through their teaching.

The EEA has created two types of yearly awards:

1. The EEA Award for Exceptional Teaching

The EEA Award for Exceptional Teaching is given to 3 categories:

  • Junior (non-tenured)
  • Senior (tenured or equivalent)
  • Early career (teaching assistants and/or PHD Students).

Nominations to the award are channeled through academic departments, who will be allowed to present a unique candidate for each of the 3 prizes. Nominations must include a short report justifying the reasons why the candidate deserves the prize. The prize will consist of 1000 euros.

2. The EEA Award for Innovation in Teaching

The EEA Award for Innovation in Teaching is given to an individual / group, who has / have produced an innovation in their teaching (even if in pilot form). The prize will be in the form of a seed grant of 2000 euros, to allow for the further development of the project. Applications must include a report from the individual / group explaining their project as well as two letters of support by senior faculty members explaining the contribution of the innovative project. The Committee accepts self-nominations.

The award committee of all prizes comprises a member of Education Committee and 2 other EEA Council members. Awards will be decided no later than end of July, and will be handed during the EEA annual congress of the corresponding year.

Please send your applications for the 2022 Awards to,  no later than July 15th, 2022