Winners of UniCredit Foundation's Econ JM Best Paper Award Announced

UniCredit Foundation has announced the winners & runners up of 9th edition of it's Econ JM Best Paper Award.

The 5 winners are:

• Daniele Caratelli - Labor Market Recoveries Across the Wealth Distribution 
• Suzanna Khalifa - Female Genital Cutting and Bride Price
• Binyamin Kleinman Orleansky - Wage Inequality and the Spatial Expansion of Firms 
• Virginia Minni - Managers and the discovery of talent 
• Lukas Nord - Shopping, Demand Composition, and Equilibrium Prices


The 8 runners up are:

• Alexander Dietrich - Granular In ation Expectations and Behavioral Inattention: Implications for Optimal Monetary Policy
• Alistair Macaulay - Shock Transmission and the Sources of Heterogeneous Expectations
• Francesco Mazzola - Electronic Foreclosures
• Marta Morazzoni - Student Debt and Entrepreneurship in the US
• Shumiao Ouyang - Cashless Payment and Financial Inclusion
• Cosimo Petracchi - Exchange-Rate Regimes and Exporter-Importers
• Filip Premik - Procurement with Bid Preference & Buyer's Switching Costs
• Anna Vitali - Consumer Search and Firm Location: Theory and Evidence from the Garment Sector in Uganda


Warmest congratulations to all!