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The Standing Committee on Economic Education was created by the Executive Committee and the Council of the EEA at the 2007 EEA meeting. 


The main aim of the Standing Committee on Economic Education at its design is to improve the quality of economics education at all levels and thus (jointly with the Standing Committee on Research in Economics) to contribute to improving the contribution of the economics discipline to society. 

The EEA Education Committee are currently running a survey to find out how undergraduate economics education is similar and different across different European countries. If you have an overview of how economics education works in your institution (eg, you are a Programme Director or a Head of Department) please take the time to complete our survey by end of September 2022: If you find you are not the best person to complete the survey, please ask the appropriate person in your department to complete it. The more diversity of responses we get the better. Thank you.


This section includes a collection of valuable resources and external links outlining various teaching and assessment techniques. These can be useful to Professors, teaching fellows, and tutors looking to diversify their teaching method and delivery while also maintaining an active student engagement in the virtual environment.  Our resources cover the following topics:


Conversations With......Series

This conversation series showcases innovating teaching ideas that academics across universities are using in their day-to-day teaching. The Education committee hosts lecturers and presents discussions focused on a specific aspect of an individual’s teaching. Ranging from using games and role-play while teaching to discussing flipped classroom teaching, one can expect to witness a global evolution in economics teaching.

Conversations with......



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